House of prefabricated modules

DOMINO timber frame prefab modules allow you to assemble house in a couple of days, with full internal and external decoration.

Do you need a comfortable country house, a stand alone cafe, a shop, an office or a replacement for an apartment?

We offer a profitable, high-quality and quick solution!
Modules are made according to Scandinavian timber frame technologies may be considered to full-fledged houses. These moduls are sustainable and environmentally friendly.
High availability
Modules are delivered in assembled condition, with finished interior decoration, ventilation and communications. Lighting and sockets installed.
Quick and easy approval
Depending on the country and local laws, it will be necessary to provide a basic set of documents to the local government for approval of the installation.
Transportation and installation
One module has a size of 3m x 9m and fits on a truck for transportation. The module is installed on a simple base - expanded clay concrete blocks or screw piles.
We are a manufacturer with 15 years of experience.

Brigada lv is a direct manufacturer of timber frame houses and modules. Most elements and structures are produced in-house - this guarantees the best price and responsibility.
Dmitry Fedorin
Chairman of the Board
Head of construction and production department

Customized solutions

We offer a simple system consisting of two module options and several additional parts, combining which you can get a huge variety of buildings suitable for various purposes.

In this section you will find detailed information about all Domino units.
Examples of our production
For a long time we have been building wooden frame houses and manufacturing modular structures. Here are the finished houses and the work process.
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